Training Philosophy

Freshmen: Learning to Follow
The freshmen experience in the Corps of Cadets prepares cadets for a lifetime of success.  Here they learn the keys to academic excellence, learn how to be a cadet at Chandler High School, and push themselves beyond what they could have ever imagined.

Sophomores: Direct Leadership
Sophomores are directly responsible for turning freshmen into successful cadets.  This hands-on experience teaches them how to teach others, to lead by example, and to take pride in the success of freshmen cadets.

Juniors: Indirect Leadership
Juniors run the Corps of Cadets.  Junior cadets are responsible for oversight of both freshmen and sophomore cadets, implementing plans from the senior class, and learning to guide a team throughout the year.

Seniors: Executive Leadership
Seniors are the commanders, mentors, and executive leaders of the Corps of Cadets.  Senior cadets are responsible for planning corps activities, setting goals, and learning to direct teams of people to success.  The senior year focuses on executive leadership, giving senior cadets the opportunity to establish policy, set rules, and determine the course of the organization for the year.

Academic excellence is our top priority.  Our commitment is first and foremost to helping cadets succeed as students.  Cadets are exposed to a structured, disciplined environment that builds and encourages them to excel academically.

Cadets have the opportunity to excel as leaders through participation in a values-based military and civilian leadership program.  Cadets learn leadership in a military style environment that compliments their academic education and prepares them for a lifetime of success.

The shared experience of the Corps of Cadets creates lifelong bonds. The Corps experience builds camaraderie and introduces cadets to a diverse section of the student body, many of whom will remain friends long after their days at Chandler High School.

The Corps of Cadets is a challenging environment that helps cadets leave high school prepared for whatever life holds.

 Honor/Courage/Integrity/Discipline/Selfless Service